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First, and foremost, I am not a writer. I did OK in English in school but there will definitely be grammatical errors. Teachers beware.

No, I am a fitness professional. I teach people how to MOVE their bodies and promote a healthy balanced life... and here we are again, the holidays. What an amazing time of the year?! It is, no doubt, but if you have health and fitness goals like me you dread the season that brings ALL THE TEMPTATION. You feel torn. Pumpkin pie or pushups? Muscles or Mac- n- cheese? Cocoa or crunches?

The truth is though, you can have both! It's about the 99% and not the 1%. As humans, many of our celebrations center around food so it's best to pick up little tips and tricks that you can do so that you can still enjoy the magic without putting a huge dent in reaching your goals.

Remember, one meal or one day isn't going to hurt you, but during the holidays we go about 3 months celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. If you are not proactive, you can easily get lost in these holidays and time will take over. Before you know it , 3 months sneaks by and you have taken 100 steps BACKWARDS.

Here are just a few tips and tricks that have helped me hold myself accountable during the holidays without feeling like I was missing out:

  • First, don't beat yourself up. If you do "all the things" to help you stay on track and you accidentally slip up and can't button your pants the next day, no worries!! Again, one day won't hurt you just get back on track! I think this is the MOST IMPORTANT tip I could give you.... plan, prepare, and follow through .. but if you slip up or hell, even if you make the conscious choice to go crazy , ITS OKAY! Enjoy yourself! Enjoy your family and friends! Celebrate and start over tomorrow :) You don't want to miss out on life. One day when grandma is gone and you are craving her triple fudge brownie pie, you will be so happy you ate it when you did! Decide what parts are meaningful to you and INDULGE! EAT THE PIE!!!

  • MOVE! Movement is so important and I will preach it until the day I die. Keep moving. During this season we get BUSY and it is easy to start putting your workouts or time for exercise on the back burner. Not only will it keep your mood and energy up, it will help burn those extra calories. If you do not exercise, now is a great time to start and build momentum for the new year.

  • Get plenty of sleep and take time for self care!! Girl, don't stress yourself out! I know you are trying to coordinate the whole family, planning meals, doing the shopping, wrapping the gifts, and doing all of the things. TAKE A BREAK. SAY NO. Try not to let yourself be pulled in so many different directions that you can't breathe. Look for opportunities that you can unwind and relax and ENJOY the season. Put down your to-do list and put your feet up. Make sure to get an ample amount of sleep to better regulate your hormones and organ function. Sounds simple, but sometimes the simplest thing like "get plenty of sleep" can be the hardest thing for some of us , especially during the holidays. I am telling you now, BE INTENTIONAL AND GO TO SLEEP

  • If you are being really serious, you could always take your own dish to your gathering. Choose something healthy that you enjoy and make enough to share with everyone. Not only are you able to enjoy the food with everyone but you can share something you enjoy with others. Who knows, you may influence someone to follow a healthier lifestyle.

  • Stand Firm! Not everyone is going to see the vision or understand why you are so disciplined. When people criticize you or try to encourage you to give in, stand firm in your goals. They do not understand because they are not as disciplined, but you are! You only have to give in IF YOU WANT TO. Eat the pie, because you want to not because Aunt Sue won't stop belittling you. When Aunt Sue won't stop bothering you just give her a good swift throat chop. Its easy. Flatten your hand like a pancake and then take the edge straight to the throat. Just kidding. I do not condone violence. But you can for real tell her to zip it!


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